Information Technology Architecture      CNS 176              

Introduction to Systems Development    CNS 180              

Career Strategies for CNS/IT       CNS 200             


Data Communications & Networking      CNS 240              

System Administration  CNS 242             


Object Oriented Programming Introduction        CNS 255   

Database Fundamentals CNS 272             


Systems Analysis and Design       CNS 280              

UNIX Administration      CNS 340             


Wireless Networks         CNS 346             


Computer Operating Systems Basics       CPET 181              

Problem Solving with MATLAB   CPET 190           


Introduction to Computer Communication Networks       CPET 281              

Introduction to Digital System Design I   ECET 111              

Introduction to Digital System Design II  ECET 146 

Electronic Measurement Techniques Lab             ECET 200     

Linear Circuit Analysis I  ECET 201           


Linear Circuits Analysis II             ECET 202              

Linear Circuit Analysis II Lab        ECET 203              

Introduction to Microprocessors             ECET 205              

Electronic Devices and Design Lab           ECET 208              

Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing ECET 209              

Electronic Systems          ECET 224           


Electrical Power Control + Lab    ECET 231           


Introduction to Electronic Analysis and Design    ECET 255              

C Programming Language Applications   ECET 264              

Electronic System Fabrication     ECET 296           


Electronic System Design + Lab  ECET 297              

Programming Applications for Engineering          ENG 200              

Transforming Ideas to Innovations I        ET 131              


Basic Mechanics I            ET 190




Mechanics of Materials ET 200


Industrial Management IET 105


Techniques of Maintaining Quality          IET 204              

Integrated Production Systems I IET 224


Work Analysis and Design           IET 257


Work Methods Design   IET 267


Integrated Production Systems II             IET 384


Applied Statistics for Engineering Technology      STA 205              

Technical Graphics Communications       MET 104              

Graphical Communication and Spatial Analysis   MET 163              

Structure and Properties of Materials     MET 180              

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship           MET 223              

Basic Machining              MET 335